Our Board

2016-2018 Officers and Directors


Co-President – Cathy T. Gray
Co-President – Doris J. Welch
Vice President – Ruth S. Altman
Vice President – Janice Brown
Vice President – Crystal Joseph 
Secretary – Edna Rosen
Treasurer – Jane E. Colvin

Board of Directors

Affordable Housing Chair–
Board of Elections – Kate Doran
Campaign Finance Reform Chair – Rosemary Shields
Directors – Robin Bahr, Barbara Barr, & Nicky Heller
Education Chairs – Nancy Schwartz & Mary Jenkins
Environmental Action Chairs – Mary Anne Sullivan & Beth Kelley
Hospitality and Students Inside Albany – Sheila Hosni
Program Chair – Joanna Leefer
Special Projects Coordinator – Laura Altschuler
Voter & Information Services Chairs – Fannie Conner & Ruth Altman
Women's Issues Chairs – Nancy Schwartz & Adlerette Kebreau


Lalitha Sarma - Director
Emily Bockmeyer - Content Manager

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