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Board of Elections

Elections Specialist: Kate Doran

Kate Doran attends the weekly meetings of the Commissioners of the NYC Board of Elections. Kate prepares and delivers testimony to the NYC Council and the NYS legislature on election/voter related matters. She works with the state League’s Elections Specialist in Albany and with a NYC coalition of nonprofit, good government groups to improve election administration and push for reforms in accordance with LWV positions.

LWVNY Election Law Reform

Read the testimonies given by Kate Doran on election reform

Education Committee

Chair: Mary Jenkins

Join us if you are interested in issues such as universal free pre-K (which the League favors), the Common Core, or how NYC public schools are run.

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Membership Committee

Chair: Diane Burrows

Join us if you’re interested in developing programs to attract new members, women and men, who care about good government and want to be involved in achieving it.

Program Committee

Chair: Joanna Leefer

Join us if you’re interested in planning events that educate people about public policy issues. We meet on the first Monday of the month; join us at either 10:30am or 6pm. The Chair meets twice to accommodate committee members who prefer daytime meetings and those who prefer evenings.

Voter & Information Services Committee

Chair: Barbara Ettington

The Voter & Telephone Information Services Committee conducts voter registration drives throughout the five boroughs, trains organizations and individuals on how to conduct voter registration drives, and provides speakers to organizations and schools about why voting is important and what to expect on the ballot.

The Volunteers who staff our Telephone Information Service provide callers with vital voting information and related matters. We also have a Committee member who is an observer at the NYC Board of Elections Commissioners’ weekly meetings. This volunteer advocates to improve election laws, simplify and modernize the registration and the voting process. See list of reforms

If you’d like to join this committee, all are welcome. We currently have three work groups addressing: Voter Registration Events, Voter Registration Volunteers, and Get Out The Vote. Click here for calendar of next meeting date as well as training dates.

To volunteer to help staff one of the many Voter Registration Drives, please complete this form.

Voting Reform Initiative

Chair: Bella Wang

The League is spearheading a new initiative to push for electoral reforms in New York State, including issues like automatic voter registration and early voting. This fall, we are flyering to educate the public about early voting bills in the state legislature. In 2018, we will be continuing our work on early voting, as well as looking into topics such as the upcoming 2020 census and subsequent redistricting.

For our charter revision hearing testimony, click here.

For more information on early voting reform, check out our educational pamphlet. To stay updated on our activities, please join our Facebook group.

Women's Rights Committee

Chair: Marion Novack

Secretary: Dorothy Ouzidane

Join us if you’re interested in promoting advocacy and education on issues such as pay equity, reproductive rights, domestic violence, and paid leave.


In addition to the issues that are addressed by our committees, other issues that are current League priorities include:

The main focus of the national League’s advocacy efforts in 2017 will be to fight against voter suppression laws. Sign the League’s petition to stop voter suppression!

The New York State League advocates on a wide variety of issues. Click here to see the issues that are priorities now.


Adopting Positions by Consensus

After studying an issue, the League decides whether to adopt a position based on a method known as “consensus.” Consensus is not the outcome of a vote; it is based on mutual agreement arrived at through a guided, informed discussion in which everyone has an opportunity to express views and the subject is examined from all sides. A committee looks for areas of agreement where consensus has been reached in order to create the League’s position. The national and state Leagues adopt positions after numerous local Leagues have studied an issue and arrived at a consensus.