Affordable Housing Committee


The League of Women Voters supports policies to provide a decent home and a suitable living environment for every family. New York City has a housing crisis due to population growth, a scarcity of vacant developable land and market pressures on affordable housing. The new administration has just released an ambitious housing plan to combat this crisis. In the coming year, the committee will be monitoring the implementation of this plan and identifying areas where our advocacy at the city and state level can facilitate progress.

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Board of Elections

Campaign Finance Reform Committee

Chair: Rosemary Shields

The New York City League has actively supported the National League in its efforts to enact campaign finance reform in the wake of the Supreme Court decision on "Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission". The Court ruled in January 2010 in favor of unlimited Corporate and Union monies in "electioneering communication" (which is political advertising) as a first amendment right.The result was a flood of new money spent in the November elections which could not be traced or monitored. This was a reversal of 100 years of reforms passed by Conress to curb the effects of special interests and secret financing in politics.

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Education Committee

Co-Chairs: Nancy Schwartz and Mary Jenkins

In May 2016, the League gave tesimony to the State Senate on mayoral control. Read the testimony here. We also wrote letters opposing the Education Tax Credit. The National League of Women Voters approved a new Education Position in March of 2012. The position is based on responses received from the 377 Leagues across the country that participated in the Education Study. The position states that "the League of Women Voters believes that the federal government shares with other levels of government the responsibility to provide an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-K through grade 12. A quality public education is essential for a strong, viable, and sustainable democratic society and is a civil right."

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Environmental Action Committee

Co-Chairs: Mary Anne Sullivan and Beth Kelley

The Environmental Action Committee focuses on issues that affect our city’s clean air and water, public health and safety, and climate impacts.

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Membership Committee

Chair: Mary Jenkins

The Membership Committee is involved in reactivating lapsed members, recruiting new members, and reaching out to existing members to encourage their participation in League activities, including voter services and advocacy. The Committee also strives to enhance the diversity of our membership.

Voter & Information Services Committee

Co-Chairs: Fannie Conner and Ruth Altman

The Voter & Information Services Committee educates voters about democracy and the responsibility to vote. We make presentations throughout the city and sometimes with speakers from other good-government organizations. We also train staff of community organizations to assist their members with voter registration. Speaking notes are available and training sessions will help you become confident and ready to enjoy this teaching experience. If you would like a League volunteer to speak at your event please complete our Speaker Engagement Request Form and submit it to our office. Feel free to download our Voter Registration Training Guide and start your registration program today!

Women's Issues Committee

Co-Chairs: Nancy Schwartz and Adlerette Kebreau